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2015 Airway Cup Results


Airway Meadows Golf Club held our 7th annual Airway Cup on Saturday, July 4th.  The 36 player field was divided with half playing for the Blue team and the other half playing for the Red team.  Each foursome contained 2 Blue team members and 2 Red team members playing a best ball match for a point.  Nine matches took place with the Blue team taking the victory by a margin of 6 1/2 points to 2 1/2 points.


The members of the victorious Blue Team:


Carol Singer, John Singer, Jeff Yeackel, Lee Gladd, Rock Kirkpatrick, Deb Kirkpatrick, Tyler Hoosier, Dale Rifenbarck, Tom Ryle, Julianna Carlino, Kathy Jones, Steve Brown, Lynn Hilpertshauser, Bob Struwe, Paul Szekley, Trevor Connery, Carole Cochran & Joel Cochran


Closest to the Pin #3: Jim Simmons 14 8

Closest to the Pin #9: Jon Palmer 7 7

Closest to the Pin #11: Carl Leininger Hole In One

Closest to the Pin #17: Gary Hartman 1

Closest to the Pin 2nd shot #14: Tyler Hoosier 18

Most Accurate Drive #5 Men: Dale Rifenbarck

Most Accurate Drive #5 Women: Marie Petrie


Low Team Best Ball Score: Carter Fritch & Andrew Losey (67)



This tournament brings out the true spirit of the team and patriotism.  Golfers dress to match the team colors and often times decorate their carts in celebration of the 4th of July.  Always on Independence Day weekend Airway will keep the red, white & blue theme and plan to continue holding this Anniversary Airway Cup for many years to come.



               Blue team taking the victory by the overwhelming margin of 6 1/2 points                                                                2 1/2 points Red team.


                                                                          Airway Cup                                                                                Lowest Best Ball Score of (67)
                                                                                                                                                                   Team Carter Fritch & Andrew Losey

                 Each member of Blue Winning Team goes home with trophy glasses                                                                  Steve Brown & Kathy Jones
                        engraved by Dan Feulner, Creative Glass Design                                    Most of the participants dress in celebration of 4th of July and the anniversary of Airway Meadows GC

                                                                                        airway 2

    Our long time member Art Petrie, second from left, passed away in spring of 2016.

He always participated in tournaments and played a large part in the fun here at Airway Meadows.

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