Our Lake George,Glens Falls, Saratoga Golf Course Rules

  1. Ball hit in environmentally sensitive area on holes #3, #11 and #18 may use drop area as marked.
  2. A ball which crosses the runway on holes #2 and #8 and comes to rest beyond the runway is out of bounds, even though it may lie on another part of the course.
  3. #10 & 11 Greens; Committee has deemed the retaining wall to be an Immovable Obstruction. If the wall interferes with your stance or swing, take a drop within one club-length of your nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole.
  4. Red Stakes- Lateral Hazard, one stroke penalty.
  5. Yellow Stakes- Water hazard, drop behind hazard, one stroke penalty.
  6. White Stakes-Out of bounds, play next shot as nearly as possible at the spot from which the last ball was played, one stroke penalty.
  1. No entry on runway area whatsoever.
  2. Absolutely no teeing off on holes #2 and #8 when an airplane is taking off or landing. A flying golf ball can cause a fatal plane crash.
  3. #8, Under No circumstances may a golfer play their tee shot up #1 fairway.
  4. Individual golfer is responsible for any damage or injury they cause.
  5. All fences are electrified. These are environmentally sensitive areas, they include white areas on tee signs.

Dress Code
  • No Metal Spikes, cutoff jeans or mens muscle shirts. Collared shirts preferred.
  • No Glass Containers or Walk-On Coolers/ Alcoholic Beverages
  • 90 degree rule applies.
  • Carts must stay on paths near all tees and greens.
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