The  Oktoberfest Golf Tournament has been a tradition at our club since the very first year we opened, 1999.  It has grown to be the favorite among golfers in the area.  Golfers come from all over the Capital-Saratoga region to play in it. It is a flighted by team handicap.  The format is a 4-Player Scramble. The last few were years were all sell outs at 144 and broke down into 4 divisions.  Two Holes in Ones have been made over the years in Oktoberfest, the latest in 2010 first when the very first shot out on #9 near the Clubhouse and it went in.  That was made by Lee Gladd on 10/10/10.    The first was made by Randy Redwine on 10/7/01. 


Oktoberfest is an all-inclusive day starting with a Continental Breakfast, a Registration gift at check in, lunch on the turn and by then it's Noon and the kegs of German and Domestic beers are tapped and soda is out.  The BBQ is quite a spread with steak, chicken, many side dishes of both traditional and German dishes and there's always dessert. 


During the BBQ is when we run our Chipping and Putting Contests.  There is something to do for a few hours, and the lines for food are not bad because folks are lined up for the contests too.  There's a raffle that we all love and many winners.    Lots of fun, Lots of prizes it's always a great day.  Come join us!




Oktoberfest 2018


On Sunday, October 7th Airway Meadows held their 20th Annual Oktoberfest Golf Tournament.  A field of 104 golfers competed in the 4-player scramble on a cool, breezy fall day.   Prizes were awarded to the 1st -  3rd place teams in three flights, the winners of the many on course competitions and a Free Gold Membership for 2019 was given away to the winners of the putting and pitching contests held after the round. 







          1st: Travis Koch, Kyle Schultz, Casey Schultz, Chuck Adcock (56)

          2nd: James Simmons, Wayne Simmons, Tom Skelton, Josh Scranton (59)

          3rd: Brittney Brayman, James Hoge, Ryan Wise, Nick Brayman (65)



          1st: Chris Clark, Bill Fitch, Mike Devoe, Shawn Foley (60)

          2nd: Bryan Schermerhorn, Austin Cook, Dan Waldron, Nate Booth (61)

          3rd: Rick Risatti, Rick Palmer, Bill Wagner, Steve Betti (62)



          1st: Paul Kindl, Jim Kindl, Patricia Canavan, Bill O’Mara (64)

          2nd: Ben Farrell, Dave Castle, Tom Vandemark, Paul Jennings (64)

          3rd:  Don Stewart, Brian Stewart, Stuart Taylor, Mark Stewart (67)















On Course Competitions


Men's Straightest Drive on Hole #5: Matt Beecher 11.5 inchs

Women's Straightest Drive on Hole #5: Donna Denue 3ft 3in

Closest to the pin on Hole #3: Dave Johnson 6ft 4in

Closest to the pin on Hole #9: Paul Crocetto 6ft 1in

Closest to the pin on Hole #11: Mike Baldwin 8ft  6in

Closest to the pin on Hole #17: Jim Decker 2ft 10in

Closest To the Pin 2nd Shot #2: Paul Crocetto 3ft 1in

Closest To the Pin 2nd Shot #14: Loren Bishop 3ft  8in





Pitching Contest Results:


2 people successfully made the pitch to get in a playoff for a 2019 Gold Membership


Membership Winner: Joe Durkee


          Consolation Prize Winner: Ed Fero




Putting Contest Results:


One person successfully made the putt  for a 2019 Gold Membership


          Membership Winner: Stuart Taylor





Airway Meadows Golf Club would like to congratulate

all the winners and thank all participants.

 2018 Winners




                                              "A" Flight 1st Place                                                                                                 "B" Flight 1st Place
            Chuck Adcock, Travis Koch, Kyle Schultz, Casey Schultz (56)                                                          Mike Devoe, Chris Clark, Shawn Foley (60)



"C" Flight 1st Place Winners

Jim Kindl, Paul Kindl, Bill O'Mara, Patricia Canavan (64)




                       Pitching Contest Winner Joe Durkee                                                                        Putting Contest Winner Stuart Taylor        

                       Wins 2019 FREE Gold Membership                                                                         Wins 2019 FREE Gold Membership




                                   "A" Flight 2nd Place Winners                                                                             "B" Flight 3rd Place Winners        

       James Simmons, Wayne Simmons, Tom Skelton, Josh Scranton (59)                Rick Palmer, Rick Risatti, Bill Wagner, Steve Betti (62)




"C" Flight 2nd Place Winners

Paul Jennings, Tom Vandemark, Ben Farrell, Dave Castle (64)


"B" Flight 2nd Place Winners - (no photo available)
  Bryan Schermerhorn, Austin Cook, Dan Waldron, Nate Booth (61)


2017 Winners



 Low Gross "A" Flight ~ Steve Wilson, Jim Decker,                                        Low Gross "B"-Flight ~ Shawn Foley, ( not shown

                                          Don Gabrus, and Brian Hewitt                                                                    Chris Clark, Chris Lee,  Bill Fitch )




 Low Gross 2nd Place "C" Flight Mark Stewart, Don Stewart,                                           Low Gross "D" Flight ~ Dan Roberts, Jim Fish,                    Brian Stewart, Jeff Adydan (1st place "C" Flight photo not available)                                                  Bill Bartholonew Mike Winters






                  Putting Contest Winner for a FREE 2018 GOLD Membership                                                                 Pitching Contest Winner for a FREE 2018 GOLD Membership

  Mile Leininger (center)                                                                                                                                                 Vic Macri                                            

    Consolation Prize Winners:  Steve Borden, Terry Frasier, Eric Usher with Vic Macri  



The Oktoberfest Feast - Steak, chicken, Sweinenbraten Pork, Brautwurst, Red Cabbage, German potato salad, steamed vegestables, baked beans, plus, plus, plus



                                           The prizes are piling up!                                                                                         Pitching Contest

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